Miscellaneous (1985)

BBC Radio 4’s fantasy sitcom in which a band of adventurers seek to save Lower Earth from Lord Darkness and his evil minions. Written by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto. Stars Stephen Mangan, Alistair McGowan, Darren Boyd, Kevin Eldon, Ingrid Oliver, Dave Lamb, and Chris Pavlo.

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Rigor Mortis

BBC Radio 4’s dark comedy primarily set in an NHS hospital’s pathology department. Written by Laurence Howarth. Stars Peter Davison, Geoffrey Whitehead, Tracy Ann-Oberman (Series 1), and Matilda Ziegler (Series 2-3).

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Cecil: Oh, my god. I knew it’d happen eventually. The first Rittle man has died.

George: Oh, no. Who is it?

Cecil: Bobby Knappett from the baker’s. Shot by a sniper.

Bert: What, in the baker’s?

Cecil: No, in France.

Bert: Was he doing a patisserie course?

Cecil: No, he’s fighting in the war!

Bert: What war?!

George: You do know, Bert!

Cecil: There’s a world war on!

Bert: Oh, yes! Sorry! Yes! Bloody Welsh.

George: Germans.

Bert: Them too!

- Chickens (“Episode 2”)

John: Does XFM even broadcast in Wales? Do they have radios?

Elis: Yes, we do have radio, mate! We’ve also got very… quick-ish broadband.

- Elis James and John Robins on XFM Podcast (episode 8)

Well, for a time, I was a member of the Russian Unorthodox Church. They meet down mine shafts on Wednesday afternoons wearing leotards.
Milton Jones, Another Case of Milton Jones (“Antiques Expert”)

Stephen Fry: What’s opposite of a flying fish?

Sean Lock: Tunneling flamingo.

- QI (“Fight or Flight”)

Dear History Channel: The Nazis were bad. We get it.
Mickey Flanagan, Mock the Week (series 9, episode 6)

Josh: Remember what Pater says…

Archie: “You’re all going to die a violent and painful death”?

Josh: No, he does say that, but I was thinking what he says about morale. “Keep your spirits up and you can defy the laws of physics.” Or was it “the laws of Denmark”?

- Hut 33 (“Know Thyne Enemy”)

Rachel: “Propertyopoly”? Matthew, why don’t you ever buy the real versions of board games?

Matthew: You’re just gutted I beat you at Munching Munching Manatees.

- Badults (“Money”)

I’ve been to many planets in the solar system and you’d be surprised how many of them look like quarries in Wales.
David Tennant, Never Mind the Buzzcocks (series 23, episode 12)